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Our granddaughter loved her Snuggle Blankee, but it took up way too much room in the diaper bag when they were packing her “essentials”. The answer was a smaller version (approximately 15” x 11”) made of the same super soft polyester fabric called minkee. I changed it slightly by finishing the edges with a decorative stitching rather than satin binding. However, knowing that the satin was necessary to provide the tactile difference, I used it for the lining instead of cotton or flannel. The loops of various types of ribbon were used to add interest and more textures. After using it for several months, our daughter thought I should call it a “Tag Along” because it tagged along everywhere and provided the baby with interesting loops to play with while awake and the absolutely necessary minkee when it was nap time.

Tag alongs may be special ordered by color, pattern, or theme.

Your Tag Along will include a Chunky Board book (a tiny boardbook, usually about a baby animal). The Tag Along and book are priced at $35.00 which includes gift wrapping and shipping costs.

Each Tag Along has 5 ribbon loops along either both of the long or short sides of the item.
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Baby Tag-along
Brown Dot
lined with blue dot satin
Baby Tag-along
Pink Hearts
lined with white satin
Baby Tag-along
lined with fuschia satin
Baby Tag-along
Blue Dot
lined with blue satin

Baby Tag-along
lined with green satin
Baby Tag-along
Purple Dot
lined with lavender satin

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