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Snuggle Blankees came about because of the huge need of our grandchildren to be near soft, comfortable fabric. The size was chosen because it was one that was perfect for covering a baby, but also just right for a toddler to snuggle up with for bedtime stories or sleeping.

Snuggle Blankees are one-of-a-kind and may be special ordered by color, pattern, or theme. It is also possible to make a smaller or larger size depending on your needs. No design will be repeated exactly, so you are assured that your design is unique. Snuggle Blankees are made of minkee which is a very soft polyester fabric. Most are lined with flannel or regular cotton fabric and finished with a satin binding or satin covered cording edge. Blankees may also be double sided minkee, requiring no backing, and finished with the usual satin binding. All Snuggle Blankees are approximately 42'' x 30".

Each Snuggle Blankee is sent with a regular size board book. The price for the Snuggle Blankee and board book is $50.00 which includes gift wrapping and shipping.

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Snuggle Blankee
42" x 30" Purple smooth minkee lined with cotton puppy print - blue-purple satin binding.
Snuggle Blankee
42" x 30" Blue minkee lined with cotton animal print - blue satin binding

Snuggle Blankee
Blue Dot
42" x 30" Blue dot minkee lined with cotton blue dot print - white satin binding

Snuggle Blankee
42" x 30" White smooth minkee lined with flannel moon print - white satin binding

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