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Quilts are one-of-a-kind and may be special ordered by color, pattern, or theme. No quilt pattern will be repeated exactly, so you are assured that your design is unique. These quilts are designed to be used for many years, rather than the few months of use that most baby items receive. Think—ground cover for picnics and tea parties, 'roads' for mini-vehicles, a tent when tied over chairs, a super hero cape, or a comfort and good snuggle when unwell or unhappy! And your child will no doubt be able to invent many other uses.

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Mother Goose on Parade Baby Quilt
Mother Goose on Parade
Approximately 41" x 37"
For possible ideas and inspiration for your special design, click here to see quilts other customers have ordered.

Each quilt includes a small baby toy and a regular size board book. There are loops sewn on the corners of most quilts so that plastic rings may be placed through them to hold the baby toys.

All orders are gift wrapped and include a complimentary
board book. Shipping is FREE in continental U.S.

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