Baby Quilts, Snuggle Blankees, Changers, and Tag Alongs


Introducing the Co-Chairs of the Field Testing Division of My Comfy Baby

These are the two who sparked my renewed interest in providing comforting covering for little ones. All of the products that I offer have first been used by them and their parents. The input they provided about how the products washed, wore, and were used gave me the information I needed to make modifications so they would be perfect for both the child and parent set!

All of the fabric for the Quilts, Snuggle Blankees, Changers, and Tag Alongs is machine washed in cold water, using Dreft baby soap, and machine dried on a regular setting with a sheet of Bounce Free to keep it soft. I do this so that chemicals normally used in the process of manufacturing are, for the most part, removed before I begin sewing for your special child.

Since I taught young children for more than 36 years, I decided that I had to include the important feature of providing books to share. As you know, the best way to get kids ready for school (and life) is to read with them every single day. So all items in my inventory will include either a regular size board book or a smaller version called a chunky book. Of course, those books should be shared with little ones over and over! After all, knowing all the words to Goodnight Moon - Blue Hat, Green Hat - Moo, Baa, La La La is extremely important - just ask any well-read two year old who will be very happy to "read" those books to you!

All items that I sell on this site are designed and sewn by me. I work alone, getting occasional advice from my husband or possibly from our cat Fred if he can manage to open an eye for a look! I really enjoy doing this work because I know that it will be used for a baby or young child (like my own precious grandchildren) to keep them comfortable and happy. It was with that in mind that I finally arrived at the business name of My Comfy Baby and the tag line of helping to keep your baby comfortable and happy. Just remember that those important words "reading, cuddling, comforting, happy" don't stop at the end of the real baby stage. Kids of all ages need those same things in their lives every single day!

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